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How F&G promotes our team members' professional development

Being able to advance your professional skills is a must-have at any organization, and F&G is no exception. From tuition reimbursement to mentoring, we put our employees’ career advancement front and center from the day they are hired.

F&G offers a ton of professional development opportunities that can propel the careers of its employees to the next level.

The Impact of the F&G Leadership Academy

The F&G Leadership Academy is a unique resource for F&G team members. It is a 2-year program that provides them with coursework based around self-awareness, etiquette and executive presence, influencing outcomes, internal motivation and other developmental tasks between sessions.

Kris Benge, Talent Development Manager and head of the Leadership Academy, says team members that enroll in the academy “develop an invaluable relationship within their cohort that aids the business as a whole.” The level of comfort between these soon-to-be leaders is bolstered exponentially when they are faced with these development opportunities that truly push them out of their comfort zones.

In the first two sessions of the academy, 30 team members participated and 88% of the graduates have been promoted to a higher-level role within the company. The current class has seen 42% of its members promoted just throughout the course of the class.

The Leadership Academy provides the skills and knowledge to take F&G team member’s careers to the next level.

Lateral Moves Promote Professional Development

F&G supports its employees moving positions across their departments or even across the company.

Medis Brkic started as a Key Accounts Specialist and later became an Internal Wholesaler.

Medis says that “F&G’s culture promotes belonging and acceptance, which is a huge motivator in itself. Plus, leaders and mentors are enthusiastic to support their employee’s goals. F&G places a high value on people and invests in their growth. There are opportunities for everyone, and it’s a great feeling to know that employees matter.”

There are many more examples of this across the company.

F&G is expanding. With that comes more opportunities for our team members to experience different facets of the company and grow professionally.

The Importance of Professional Development

Keeping team members consistently advancing in their professional skills is very important to F&G.

Erica Boliver, AVP, Talent Development & Human Resource Business Partners, says, “The industry and world are changing. [F&G] makes sure that we provide our employees development to stay ahead of the changes and create innovation for us as a company.”

She also references the 70-20-10 rule in terms of professional development at F&G: 70% of learning is through challenging projects and taking on responsibilities; 20% is through relationships, mentoring and coaching; and the final 10% is through direct learning, such as lunch and learns and manager connections.

Jenna Williams, Manager of Talent Acquisition, says that “challenging your normal day to day duties is what gets you to that next level in your career.” And that rings true for F&G team members.

Our Leadership Academy kickstarts the advancement of employee’s professional career, allowing them to achieve higher level positions within the company and ultimately mentor and build up the next generation of leaders within F&G.

Join our team and take your career to the next level.