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4 career insights from F&G’s young professionals

Here at F&G, our mission is to help people turn their aspirations into reality, and that includes our F&G team members. To showcase what’s important to F&G team members, we’ve highlighted career insights from four of our young professionals who shared what they value most in their careers.

Taylor_Greenfield1. “Being able to step outside my comfort zone.”

Taylor Paul, Senior Software Engineer, said she values “feeling challenged and supported at the same time” and “being able to step outside my comfort zone.”

Feeling challenged and having the opportunity to think outside the box opens the door to endless learning throughout your career.


Rachael_Smith2. “A leader who supports professional and personal growth.”

Rachael Smith, Paralegal, said she appreciates “room for professional growth,” and “a leader who supports professional and personal growth is game changing.”

Supportive leaders coupled with opportunities for growth will create a positive work environment for all team members.

Ryan_Hedrick3. “An inclusive team environment.”

Ryan Hedrick, Lead Financial Analyst, said he sees value in “an inclusive team environment, the ability to share ideas and feeling empowered to take on new opportunities.”

Being empowered to take on exciting opportunities and to openly share ideas with leaders and peers evokes the feeling that you truly are a part of one team.

Yuhsi_Huang4. “Coworkers who are proud of their work.”

Yvonne Huang, Senior Associate Actuary, said she is motivated by “coworkers who are proud of their work and are willing to share their knowledge and skills.”

Working alongside people who are proud of what they do and who make an effort to teach others creates a positive environment where team members are able to cultivate their professional skills.

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Young professionals at F&G enjoy working in a transparent, collaborative, supportive and empowering environment with people who love what they do and where they work. Our young professionals also appreciate that F&G provides room for growth and recognizes and celebrates teamwork and results companywide.


What do you value in your career? Explore more of F&G’s culture at fglife.com/about/culture.html.