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F&G Wellness Committee

For many, we have a responsibility to watch over the wellbeing of our family and friends. At F&G, we often talk about being a family and the importance of being there for one another. We are very fortunate to have an employee-led Wellness Committee that’s there for our employees. We want our employees to bring the best versions of themselves to work every day, and we’re constantly looking for ways to support them.

The Wellness Committee has organized many different events for our employees, all to help improve their emotional and physical wellbeing. In the past, there has been a 10-day wellness challenge where participants who complete a wellness task every day for 10 days straight are awarded at the end of the challenge. Some of these tasks include drinking 100 ounces of water, climbing the stairs during a lunch hour and going for a 30-minute walk outside.

There are also group-based activities, including our participation in the Iowa Healthiest State Initiative Walk and social gatherings in the office. In the past, there have been snack days where F&G paid for fresh fruit and healthy snacks, such as popcorn and granola bars, to be set out in the breakrooms. This event provided employees a chance to get away from their desks, socialize and enjoy a healthy snack. We plan to offer more wellness challenges that will incorporate more activities to keep employees engaged.

The Wellness Committee also teams up with the Human Resources and Benefits team to host a Flu Clinic each year, which incorporates wellness-based activities with the flu clinic to make it a big wellness fair for our employees. Some ideas for the next wellness fair include incorporating a biometric screening and group exercises, such as yoga and meditation.

Providing purpose for employees

A goal for this year is for the Wellness Committee to partner with other F&G committees to collaborate together and offer events that are part of both committees' objectives and goals. Having more committee members working together on a joint activity can help boost participation. Also, we could provide more purpose for employees who participate if there are greater benefits, such as personal wellness and community involvement.

A main takeaway from the Wellness Committee is that these events are not mandatory but are here for employees who choose to participate. The program is optional so that activities can be a fun, exciting and approachable way for employees to improve their wellbeing on a voluntary basis. Wellness Committee Head and Manager of Payroll & Benefits Abby Grassmeyer shared what her involvement in the committee means to her.

Abby says, “I have been with the Wellness Committee for 3 years, and I enjoy seeing the committee grow from all the effort that is put in by the committee volunteers. It’s rewarding to see new employees join the program or attend the activities as a way to get involved and meet new people. That’s really why I work at F&G — because we really are true to being a family by being able to interact with another in a way that isn’t related to our work responsibilities. One thing I also really enjoy about the committees is getting to know them in a different way and learning what they’re passionate about that isn’t related to their everyday job.”

Wellness adapts in a year of change

Recently, the committee introduced financial wellness awareness in the workplace by making more of an effort to help people use resources that help them learn more about financial wellness.

Since the start of COVID-19, the focus has been towards the employee assistance program, which can assist our employees in their physical and emotional wellbeing during these uncertain times.

There has been a lot of change in the world this past year, and being able to offer a Wellness Committee to support our employees is just one of the many parts that we believe makes F&G an Iowa Top Workplace. Treating each other like family is part of what drives our employees to be their best selves each and every day.


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